Our clients

Our offers seen by our customers:

- CONVENIENCE: functional solutions dedicated for CRC users.

- SCALABILITY: tools adaptable to needs and expectations.

- ACCESSIBILITY : ergonomy and comfort with a computer easy to use.

- RELIABILITY: solid, to ensure a rise peacefully.



  • ANCV
    ANCV is a major actor in social policy to promote tourism acces to holidays for everybody.
    Face these challenges, ANCV develops 2 additional internvention tools:

    -vacation-checks for employees
    -social action programs for people in difficulties
  • Assurance Maladie
    The National Fund of ASSURANCE MALADIE (health insurance) operates national scale in desease and work accident-professional deseases branches of the general social security (system)
  • Baladins
    Travelling on business or on the way to holidays you're luckily to come across one of Balladins on your way.
    Warm welcomeing, comfortable well-equiped rooms,restaurant, essential services...
    Throughout France, Belgium and Germany the Balladins hotels open their doors for good life.
    And for your best stay, Balladins also offers you restauration at an economical price.

  • Belambra clubs
    enjoyable holiday with your family in one of the  Bellambra clubs!
    Exceptional sites, design and comfortable housing,Kids club for 3 years, entertainment and sports activities, buffets ... Your vacation is all inclusive in Bellambra!
  • Carrefour
    In fourty years, Carrefour has become a leading distributor in the world.
    Second largest distributor/retailor worlwide and largest in Europe it currently develops four main grocery store formats: hypermarkets, supermarkets, maxidiscount and small grocery shops The CarrefourGroup has currently more than 15,500 store-operated shops and franchises.
  • Club des créateurs de beauté
    The "Club de créateurs de Beauté" (club of beauty creators) is based on a simple idea: make "haute cosmetique de créateurs" accessible for women all over the world.
    Talented creators, having each their own vision of beauty have joined for this to the largest cosmetology laboratories in the world.
  • Consort NT
    Company of technological services, Consort NT is specialized in the advice(council), the system integration and the outsourcing of applications and infrastructures.
    For its customers, Consort NT has centres of contacts through which it exempts a big part of its technical support services.

  • Darty
    The very first Darty store has opened its doors over 50 years ago in the east part of Paris, Porte de Montreuil.
    Nowadays/currently, the Darty group is the leading distributor in electric house equipement with more than 200 stores in France and its site WWW.darty.com
  • Database Factory
    Founded in 1999 by recognized experts in the world of Customer Relationship Management, DATA BASE FACTORY is now one of top 15 outsourcing companies of reference in France subscriptions and Telemarketing management

  • EDF
    French leader in efficient and low carbon energy solutions, EDF intends to built  together with its consumers, partners and local authorities a world of energy with less CO2.
    Launched in 2001, EGENCIA is now a fifth business travel agency in the world, combining a high quality services and innovative technology.
    Led by an experienced and avangard team, Egencia has continued to expand its services and online solutions.
  • Equilibre et Instinct
    "Equilibre et instinct" is born of reflections and determination of a team involving veterinarians, animal nutrition experts and specialists in marketing techniques.
  • GDF
    The company offers efficient and innovative solutions for individuals, cities and companies relying on a portfolio of diversified gas supply,flexible and low CO2 energie generating and a unique expertise in four kay areas:
    liquified natural gas, energy efficient services, the independant energy production and environmental services.
  • Groupama
    The responsibility number 1 of Groupama is to offer the insurance and  better quality services at best cost for more people in order to cope with the vicissitudes of life.
    The insured and his needs is the very meaning of our company.
  • ING
    Present in 50 countries, ING Group is the leader in insurance, banking and assets management.
    Second savings bank in the world, it has more than 85 millions clients.
  • La Banque Postale
    Created January 1, 2006, La Banque Postale is  both a "bank like any other", professional, efficient and profitable and a "bank not like others" animated with Postal values of closeness and service for a greatest number of clients.
    The Banque Postale serves its clients in a spirit of responsibility, transparence and professionnalism  that is its force and specificity.
  • MAAF
    The MAAF insurance chose a dolphin as emblem: both fast and powerful, inventive, sociable and helpful, but also protective and resistant. It represents what MAAF has chosen to be:
    an insurer of closeness, efficient and friendly, being creative and always ready to intervene to meet its clients' and its members' specific needs.
  • MAIF
    Authentic mutual insurance company, MAIF has neither clients, nor shareholders, or intermediaries commissioned.
    Its  only reason to be is to satisfy its 2 millions members' needs.
    Meetic, European leader in on-line dating, currently operates in 16 countries and is available in 13 languages.
    Pursuing since its foundation a clear leadership strategy based on a quality-first policy, innovative marketing and perfect technological expertise, the Group strives to continuously improve its services and to satisfy every possible expectation of its subscribers in Europe.
  • MMA
    MMA is a mutual insurance groupe, multispecialist which targets individuals, professionnals, businesses, authorities and associations.It has over 13,000 employees, 1500 general agents and 2000 offices in charge with Customer Relationship. MMA is  the third  network of general agents in assets and liabilities with more than 3 millions of clients.
  • Mister GoodDeal
    Since may 2000, mistergooddeal.com is the leader in  house equipement and furnichure on the Internet.
    It's an inescapable meting place of Internet users seeking latest novelties and best deals in home appliances, hi-tech, furniture, bedding and entertainment.
    Its historical relations with the graetest brands enable to propose tens of thousands of new items at great price.

  • Mutavie
    Within Macif group and with its partners,for more than 30 years Mutavie has been commiting itself to redistribute  the fruits of its succes to its 960,000 depositors.

  • Nespresso
    Nespresso has revolutioned the way of preparing coffee delivering to its consumers an ultimate experience of an exceptionnal coffee and real moments of pleasure and relaxation.
    In the center of this concept is the unique Nespresso trilogy: a hermetically sealed capsule with a wide choice of "Grand cru" ( of ground coffee), coffee machines combining  technological innovation  and simple use
    along with the Nespresso Club that  proposes a range of personalized services.
  • Novalis Taitbout
    Social action of the NOVALIS TAITBOUT plays an entire role to meet expectations of businesses,employees, retired persons and their families.
    Beyond our experience in pensions, previsions and health, our work is also to listen to you , to help and  to advice in your daily life or face to an unexpected.
  • Orange Business Service
    Orange business services combines the expertise and experience of Equant, Orange, France Télécom and its subsidiaries to help you get the most out of  your communications services and this whatever your industry or the size of your company is.  Whether you're a CIO in a multinational corporation specialised in biotechnology or an artisan just settled, we have what you need. We bring you efficient and reliable solutions. Easy to deploy, simple to use.

  • Oscaro.com
    Oscaro.com was founded in January 2001 to sell accessories and auto parts at a  higher quality via the Internet. Oscaro is directly provided with the spare parts by the largest wholesalers and OEMs and operates thousands of orders per month.

  • Prevadies
    The mutual Prevadies, a mojor actor in health protection, place its memebers, their health and their well-being in the center of its system.
    The health promotion, prevention and quality of life are the integrated parts of its missions.
  • Prosodie
    Service operator, computer and telecom expert, Prosodie designes and hosts multichannel on-line services for a  remote access to information and interactive data exchange.
    Adressed to largest public and private accounts, these applications are highly transactional and critical
    They require commitments to garantee high service availability and continuity 24hours/24, 7days/7, 365days/year.
  • SFR
    SFR is the second largest telecommunications operator in France with 12.4 billion euros in turnover achieved in 2009.
    Global operator, SFR answer the needs of its consumer customers, professionals, companies or operators, either for mobile, fix telephone, Internet or television.
  • SFR Business Team
    SFR Business Team, almost 1500 people at your service in a network of over 140 spaces SFR Business Team.
    These specialists offer solutions and terminals adapted advise you in managing your fleet and provide after sales service.
  • SNCF
    The Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français( French National Railway Company) has  transportation of  passengers and goods as the  main activity. The group was formed around the parent company SNCF. It is organized into several activities and fields, that represent more than 150 businesses: Freight, France-Europe travel, closeness, infrastructure, Engineering, hardware maintenance, stations and connections.

  • Vivendi
    Vivendi unites the world's number 1 of video game (Activisation Bizzard),  world's number 1 in Music (Universal Music Group), the leading French in alternatif telecoms (SFR), the leading Maroccan in telecom (grope Maroc Telecom),the leading Brasilian number 1 in alternative telecom (GVT) and the leading French  in pay-TV ( canal+ Group).